Sunday, November 15, 2009

Red Rocks

I took a drive up to Red Rocks today. It's a beautiful little State Park located in the Mojave Desert, just east of the beginning of the southern Sierra mountain range. Oh, to see those Sierra mountains in the distance and how I long to explore them some more! The weather was surprisingly chilly, I actually needed to put the heat on in my car while driving. It was a refreshing change from the constant 8o degree highs in LA.
Before entering Red Rocks, I drove through the small desert town of Mojave.

In the high desert, Joshua Trees made their presence known.

What possesses someone to spray paint rocks I will never know. Perhaps modern day petroglyphs?

Maybe it's the same reason I decided to create some rock art.

The eroding sandstone cliffs reminded me of the Badlands in South Dakota.
After spending most of the morning exploring different areas of the park, I learned there was still more across Highway 14. In fact, I found this area more beautiful and it felt more remote.

I didn't pack a lunch today so I'll have to plan on returning again and spending more time in the area around the Red Cliffs.

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