Sunday, December 6, 2009

Something is Missing

I've been thinking lately that something is missing from my writings on this blog. It is something fundamental to my yearnings to hike trails and get out into the wilds. It is my relationship with God. I've been too worried about being judged, keeping my writings PC, and not wanting to alienate any readers. However, in order to attain full freedom of expression, I want God to be a part of my writing. I think of it like a wildflower, or a sapling, reaching for the light.
Often times when I'm hiking alone, I ask Jesus to hike with me on the trails. It sounds silly at times (sometimes I even wonder if it's nothing more than an imaginary friend), but it's important for me to stay connected with my Creator. I call these "Jesus walks." When I stand before a breathtaking mountain range, forest, wildflower, river, animal, insect, etc., my soul is filled with appreciation. When alone, it feels completely natural to direct my gratitude towards the heavens. The mountains and forests often feel like my church. It is where I feel closest to God, where the lessons of life are often revealed through the natural cycles.

I love science, religion, history, and philosophy, and try to keep an open mind to whatever possibilities may exist. While hiking a trail in Griffith Park one morning, I overheard a couple in conversation. A woman was talking to her friend about someone she knew: "Unfortunately, he has such an open mind that everything spills out all over the place!" she said to her friend. I thought that was an interesting analogy, something to be careful about. I see no reason why science and religion cannot coexist. Perhaps different trails, but ultimately reaching for the same destination, the truth. At least that's how I see it.

The Bible makes several references to the wilderness. It seemed like it was often a place of trials and tribulations. However it was also a place of purification. A place to connect with God. A place to discover or redefine one's place and purpose in the world. That's why I like to go.

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