Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Bear to Wrightwood

I'll have to make this quick since I've only got a few minutes of Internet time at the Wrightwood Library. It has been another great week on the PCT. Temperatures have really started to heat up the last few days and I find myself near my old stomping grounds near the Angeles National Forest.

Dan and I left Big Bear after spending some time getting to know fellow hikers Jersey Fresh, Stax, Ursa Major, Mike, Darren and Stevie, Zombie, and Jake. I wish I had more time to describe each hiker because each one is fantastically unique. We spent a couple of amazing days hiking along the Deep Creek River camping with Stax, Ursa Major and Mike, swimming when it got too hot, hiking when we were energized, fed, and somewhat cool. The trail took us past a hot springs (clothing optional.) After spending the night and leaving the nudists later the next morning, we hiked out of the canyon towards the desert floor where we discovered an interesting Echo Chamber. We hiked towards Arrow Head Lake where I forgot my socks (I hiked an additional 8 miles to retrieve them) and on towards Cajon Pass. There we met up with Mike who was suffering from heat exhaustion. We checked into the Best Western to get some rest and rehydration (as well as McDonald's and Subway) and continued on towards Wrightwood. The trail took a detour to avoid a burn area and soon enough Mt. Baldy was back into view. After hiking all day today, Dan, Mike and I find ourselves in Wrightwood.

We were fortunate to experience some more trail magic this week. A couple in a pickup truck stopped to give us cold soda and and an ice cold towel to wash our faces. A group of Latinos from San Bernandino gave us cold beer as we hiked pass on Lytle Creek road. Several folks have offered rides and food. The trail really seems to bring out all sorts of kindness from strangers, It's really amazing.

Anyway, I've only got a couple of minutes left, but next stop is Aqua Dulce. We have to take another 45 mile detour around the Station Fire Burn Area and then we will find ourselves in the Mojave. Michael, I'll have to send you pictures at the next stop since the Post Office is closed here in Wrightwood. Talk to you all soon...

-Flyboxer and Dan


  1. Mark, that works well. I am in Indiana next week and won't be able to retrieve mail until the week of the 20th.

  2. Cool update. Looking forward to the pictures!

    The only section of the PCT I hiked this year was near Aqua Dulce--from Vasquez Rocks to the Golden Spike and back. I imagine it'll be a heck of a lot hotter now!