Monday, September 26, 2011

Tahoe Rim Trail: Headin' Back Home

September 11, 2011: I awoke in the morning and was looking forward to my drive home on roads I've never taken before. I decided to head towards Donner Pass.

Standing in the sun on this warm day, it's hard to visualize what this area looks like in winter, completely snow covered. Of course this is also the location of the Donner tragedy.

Not too long ago, folks were trying to come through here with horses and covered wagons. Amazing. I couldn't help notice the destruction of many of the granite boulders and mountainsides to put in roads. There were plaques to read about the history of the area and the original natives that used to live here.

(Looking east towards Donner Lake)

Now, a simple drive in a car allows easy access and travel through these mountains with thoughts like whether to crack the window or turn on the AC, or what music to listen to while the mountains retreat to the rear view mirror.

The sign that my trip was coming to an end was apparent. As my vehicle began its decent from the Sierra and into the foothills, my Gatorade bottles began to implode on themselves, causing loud pops in the backseat. It was a sad reminder that another hiking season has come and gone.

I stopped by a small vegetable stand along the valley floor near I-5 before heading back into the mountains along the Coastal Range. Harvest was in full swing, and there were many discount items for sale.

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