Monday, October 24, 2011

Sierra Weekend

I visited the Tahoe area again this weekend and went for a couple of day hikes. I'm going to purposely keep this post somewhat vague because I visited a lake that from what I could tell, doesn't get a lot of traffic. Not that I have hoards of readers of this blog. It's a habit I would like to start however, because some places just don't need to be advertised. This place may or may not be special, but it felt like it.

When I arrived at this lake, I was struck by its beauty. It rivaled anything I've seen on the John Muir Trail. The trail leading to the lake seemed like it had not seen a lot of use this year. There was no one around all afternoon, and I had the spot to myself. It's a place I'd like to show to the right person someday. There was also a strange natural occurrence that seemed to be taking place. The air was filled with thick strands of spider webs floating through the sky, streaming off the tops of pine trees like silver ribbons. I saw a spider attached to one of them, wondering if they were taking flight or something.

For all intents and purposes, wildflower season seems to be over. There were a few blooms along the way, but not much. There were many birds chirping in the pines, probably voicing their protest towards me disrupting their paradise.

I spent a good part of the afternoon mesmerized by the changing colors of the water. There is something obviously beautiful about these frigid waters, but also something foreboding. Look deep into its bowels, and it's hard to find anything alive. I saw a few insects skimming the surface. Perhaps there are some micro organisms feeding along the floor.

It was a long, but fulfilling day of hiking. I returned to my vehicle well past dark, hiking the last couple of hours with my headlamp. Mosquitoes were non-existent! Temperatures dropped below freezing at night, and warmed perfectly during the day.

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