Saturday, May 26, 2012

Montgomery Woods

 On my way home from work yesterday, I took the long route home and stopped by Montgomery Woods. I had a couple of hours before the sun went down, and spent that time in "church." There was no one else around the entire evening, and I felt like the luckiest man alive.
 For the first time these last couple of weeks, my eyes have been removed from the ground to appreciating the incredible canopies of these trees. As the sun sets, the tallest trees are lit ablaze. With the help of binoculars, I am able to peer into the tops. Last night, I felt like each step I took was part of these tree's ancient history, for better or worse. With no one else around I had to wonder if this moment in history is still the beginning of modern man's relationship with these forests. 100 years from now, will someone still be able to spend a late afternoon alone with these giants?
 Perhaps so. This morning, I was brewing my coffee, when I realized that the same experience can still be had in the San Gabriel's outside of LA, or even the Verdugo's practically in the heart of the city. I was always amazed that one could step into the back country of one of the world's largest cities and not see a single person. I think many other hikers down there have experienced the same feeling.
After a wonderful evening, I was able to capture a fantastic sunset shining the days last rays over what remains of the coastal redwood range.

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