Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hendy Woods

 I took a stroll around Hendy Woods this morning. The morning started out cool, but it quickly warmed up to perfect t-shirt weather. Ravens were extremely loud all morning. I don't know what the ruckus was about, but for the first time, I wanted to yell "Be quiet!" I had to remind myself that they have been loyal trail companions over the years, not to get too annoyed.

 The tree above has a fantastic limb. The trees in Hendy Woods seem to be a bit more gnarly than Montgomery Woods. Many of the trees have interesting shapes and reiterations.

Above is the gorgeous Navarro River. I imagine that in the following days or weeks, the river will be at its lowest point. Soon the rains will come and refill the rivers. A perfect day to be outside.


  1. that place is georgous. keep living free!

  2. Haha those ravens wake me up all of the time. The Navarrow look peaceful.