Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Flyboxer!

Flyboxer turned 36 on the trail this week, and celebrated in town with a turkey sandwich and root beer.  Next stop: Leadore, ID.


  1. Wow Flyboxer! Such beautiful writing--philosophy, psychology, natural world drama all woven seamlessly together. It's Sunday morning and Michael and I finally decided to find your blog and just finished reading it all out loud. Now I'm going to wait breathlessly for each new installment. In case we don't get to talk, we'll be away from Aug. 9 (midday?) to Aug. 18. Michael said he's already sent your W. Yellowstone box, so maybe he doesn't need to send any more before we get back? I hope we get to talk though...

    Wishing you happy feet and back and sending lots of love.


  2. Thanks Kate, I talked to Michael yesterday. Have a great trip and thanks for keeping in touch!