Sunday, March 9, 2014

Prairie Creek State Park

 Another epic day exploring Prairie Creek State Park. I spent the day exploring a couple of different locations and allowed myself to simply get lost for a while. I felt more comfortable this time as I had my GPS and maps which made it possible to do some bushwhacking. If there was ever a day I thought I might cross paths with a Sasquatch or a redwood mountain lion, this was the one.
 There are forest giants everywhere it seems. In fact, I'm having a hard time making sense of this forest. I'd like to do more tape measure circumferences to get a handle on the large beasts of the forest, but I just don't feel right doing it here. Unlike many trees in HRSP or places south, these trees are covered with an assortment of plant and tree life, and simply wrapping a measuring tape around the base would be really destructive, especially one by myself. Not only that, many of the trees here have so much activity occurring around the base, it doesn't seem possible to get an accurate measurement. So, I'm left to spot the titans, and simply take their pictures and leave wondering. And that's fine be me.
Beautiful canopy structure of a tall redwood. Several reiterated trunks.

Overall, I'm beginning to feel more comfortable here and I'm slowly making progress as far as area covered. There is so much out there still, it seems it will take years to carefully see it all. Overall, another exhausting, but rewarding day in the redwoods...


  1. It's an unbelievable place Cody...

  2. Mark, Its John Harvey NTS. Great shots here. Have you been to see the Arco Giant in this park? I, like you, wont publish locations of the titans but if you haven't seen it its easy to find and probably my favorite tree in the park I've seen so far. I'm always guessing at age of the trees and it just oozes ancientness. I think its the oldest tree I've seen.

  3. Hey John, haven't seen the Arco Giant yet, at least I don't think I have! Going to head up there again this weekend and have a look around. So much to see...

  4. Mark, some great stuff here, I have some of these marked of my list but not all of them. You're doing well. Don't know you at all but I'm up in the area every few months or so from the bay area, doing what you're doing. Send me an email if you want to chat, potentially hike together. Maybe I've found some that you haven't :)