Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tales From the Trails

I've been feeling very conflicted lately, and for the first time since starting this blog, the muse seems to be suggesting a period of silence. I have a ton of things to share and say but seem to be unable to chart a course forward. I may continue to post from time to time, and I may not, depending on the muse...


  1. It's hard work maintaining a blog, even if it's for something fun. Few of the blogs I started following during my first 100 hikes are still maintained regularly, and I have been falling behind in my posts, as well. Best wishes, either way.

  2. Mark, I have loved reading your blog since your PCT days with Indie. I'm a flatlander from Texas and visited Humboldt SP for the first time in May thanks to your blog entires about it. It was everything I expected - and more.

  3. Thank you Skyhiker and Isabelle