Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lost Man Creek

 I drove up to Lost Man Creek again yesterday to embark on what I was hoping would be a relatively easy bushwhack but by the end of the day had turned into one of the most strenuous of my life. Before leaving, I left detailed instructions where I was going with my housemate and made sure I did not detour from those directions. I brought my maps, GPS, phone, lunch, and a rain jacket.

I did not feel unsafe at all during the hike, it was just extremely difficult, the terrain was tough as it always is up here, including several misguided routes through thorns, reeds and grasses that grew over my head, stinging nettles, mud, and the occasional collapsing decayed redwood. Of course there is always the chance that some unexpected accident could happen, and I am very much aware of that. It would be much, much safer to hike with a partner in these places.
 There were some wonderful trees to visit as always. Fall seems to be in the air now, as some leaves are changing colors and the redwoods continue to shed some of their needles. Pretty soon, the rainy season will arrive hopefully. Can't wait to see the mushrooms again.
 Overall, I probably hiked no more than three miles all day. One mile bushwhacking through the forest, another mile up a road, and another mile of miscellaneous walking, but boy was I beat at the end of the day. Again, I am reminded how different these northern redwood parks are in comparison to the more southerly ones. The vegetation is just so much more dense.
As always, another great day in the woods...


  1. That's some really nice hike!

  2. Mark - nice pictures and concisely worded. I was up in the same area recently, I think I have been to that last tree. See verylargeandtallredwoods. Mark G