Sunday, October 26, 2014

Newton B. Drury Parkway

The parkway was closed today for cleanup after several storms passed through over the weekend.

I tried to go for a local hike this morning, but as soon as I started walking, I wanted to be in the redwoods. I hopped into my car and headed north to Prairie Creek and had an unexpected surprise. The Newton B. Drury Parkway was closed to motor vehicles after a major rainstorm on Friday and Saturday, along with a wind storm that whipped the area Friday night. As a result, the road was covered with debris, and I believe a tree may have fallen across the road on the north end of the park. The road was open to hikers, so it was a welcome, and unique way to see Prairie Creek. It would be nice if they closed the road a few times a year and let people walk or bike on it. There weren't many people out so I was able to enjoy solitude and silence along the parkway. The photos above are all of trees right on the road, a few big ones that are hard to take photos of when cars are driving on the parkway. Showers, fog, and mist passed overhead throughout the day, a perfect day for a walk...

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  1. Oh, now I know why, i thought it was the storm :) I was there on 27th. Driving up in the storm was horrible