Monday, June 1, 2015

See Ya Later Friends

I drove up to Prairie Creek yesterday to say "see ya later" to the redwoods. Another chapter closes in the redwood journey. God willing, I will be able to come back and continue spending time in this magical place. Under a week to go now before I leave for Maryland and then begin the Appalachian Trail later in the month.

Unexpectedly, I spent half the morning wandering around another logged portion of forest just outside of the park. Unless I am doing some serious exploring, in which I leave detailed directions with my housemate, I let the spirit lead when I visit the park. It led me into an logged area. There is NOTHING that I have experienced that immediately confronts the mind with the price of progress as a logged redwood forest. These stumps were huge, and the forest has lost its magical feeling. In it's place is a feeling of trauma, almost palpable. My thoughts drifted around, searching for solutions. I am convinced over and over that love is the answer for long term, lasting change. Violence works, but is too short sighted. American history seems to be an example, and that violence continues to manifest itself over and over to this day. In order to change the world, love is the way, and accountability, focusing on whats right and good, and perhaps a good deal of detachment. I am grateful for the time I've been able to spend with this forest.

After looking around for an hour or so, I took a couple short hikes in the park. I crossed paths with a woman who was just gushing about how beautiful it was here. All I could do was agree. I spent some time with a couple of very large individual trees I had not seen before. Then the feeling came over me that it was time to leave and go home, so I did...

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