Friday, January 29, 2016

Southbound on the Appalachian Trail 2015: Connecticut

Relish, Eclipse, and Taco enjoy some down time out of the woods in Salisbury Connecticut.
 Summer was in full swing when we reached the state of Connecticut in August of 2015. I was hiking around a few hikers at the time in particular Taco, Spoon, Footloose, Relish and Eclipse. We were only in the state of Connecticut for a few days, as the trail cuts through the south western portion of the state before entering New York.

 Days were warm, nights as well. One night was filled with strong thunderstorms and heavy rain. One of the stormiest nights I can remember from the AT. Warm sunny days meant swimming was a high priority. There were three excellent opportunities to swim. The first was an ice cold spring fed creek along the Massachusetts/Connecticut border. The second was along a fantastic, flat, four mile section along the Housatonic, also knicknamed the Housatoxic River. The third was a swift creek near an old fashioned covered bridge called Bull Bridge. All three were extremely refreshing. There is nothing like getting a good bath that really lifts the spirits when hiking.
Trail register outside the Trinity Church along road walk detour

Some much appreciated trail magic
There also was a three mile road walk detour as a bridge along the Housatonic River was being repaired. I also was on a Ben and Jerry's ice cream kick around this time. It seemed as though I could not get enough of the stuff. The entire road walk I dreamed of finding a store to buy ice cream. There were none to be found, instead, a couple guys set up some trail magic before we re-entered the woods. They had coolers filled with snacks, beer, and ice cold milk. I hadn't had a glass of milk in years it seemed, and it hit the spot.
Misty, warm, humid morning after a night of thunderstorms 

Taco, Spoon, and Footloose check out rapids from covered bridge

Great spot for an afternoon swim

All in all, Connecticut lasted about 4 days. Flying through states was a new experience for me on this trail. The dog days of summer were upon us, and unfortunately we were also hitting some of our driest sections of trail as well...

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