Monday, August 15, 2016

Grand Tetons: Road Trip 2016

View towards the Western slope

Eastern Slope Views

Another highlight of the Road Trip of 2016 with my parents was seeing the Grand Tetons again. We were very fortunate (or unfortunate) to see them two days in a row. We saw them in the evening after leaving Yellowstone National Park. There was no lodging in Jackson when we arrived due to a Friday night rodeo, so we had to make the unfortunate decision to drive two and half hours back to Idaho Falls in the middle of the night. The GPS told us to head towards Teton Pass, which ended up being a 10 percent grade, the steepest of the trip, in the middle of the night. Practically zero town lights, and the occasional big game wandering out into the road made for a stressful nighttime drive. The positive was that we were able to see the Tetons again the next day as we made our way back east. How can one possibly take in the majestic scene and place?

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