Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Colorado Trail 2017

Mt. Elbert, Colorado's tallest peak 14,440 feet. Photo was taken while hiking the CDT in 2013.
In one week I will be heading out to Colorado to begin hiking the Colorado Trail. I'm going to meet my hiking friend Moosie out there and we will start hiking south from Denver to Durango. I'm most excited to see the San Juans in the south west corner of the state. I had to skip the San Juans and take the Creede alternate when I hiked the CDT southbound in 2013 due to snow. I'm excited to see the state during the summer this time, rather than the fall. Updates to come...


  1. FLyboxer, this is OJ from CDT, San Juans. Contact me at Mike.gasparek@gmail.com I have a book for Moosly but no contact info

  2. Flyboxer, this OJ from the CDT, south San Juan's. I have a book I'd like to send to Mooseby but no contact info can you help. Contact me at Mike.gasparek@gmail.com