Sunday, November 19, 2017

Silverton, Colorado

Moosie and I did our final resupply on the Colorado Trail in the town of Silverton, Colorado. We hitched a ride into town from Molas Pass with a construction worker from Durango. Silverton treated us well, we stayed at the Blair Street Hostel. The town is an interesting looking historic mining town, now a more of a touristy town. Although visually beautiful, it feels a little stranger the longer you are there, due mostly to the touristy element. ATV vehicles fill the streets and parking areas. Many people travel back and forth between the small mountain communities on these vehicles. Resupply was expensive at the local grocery, but more convenient than sending a resupply package in my opinion. Overall, it was a good stay. Moosie and I prepared for our final leg of the trip. We hitched a ride back up to Molas Pass the following day with a banjo playing travel nurse...

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