Sunday, April 28, 2019

An April to Remember

Variegated Leaves

Blue bells always put on a show

Meadow of spring beauties

Flood plain filled with skunk cabbage

Eastern bluebird

Black snake waiting for lunch

Spring filled with ice cold, clean water

Wild strawberry

Trout lily

Variegated Virginia Creeper located at the DC arboretum


Blue Gray Gnatcatcher

Beautiful white variegated leaves

Huckleberry blooms

Variegated bluebell

Variegated bluebell

More variegation
It has been an April to remember. The main wildflower display seems to be coming to a close as the trout lily's, bluebells, and lesser celandine are disappearing from the forest. The forest is becoming greener and denser as plants continue to grow and leaves continue to unfurl from the trees. We've had great weather this month, and I've experienced a feeling of joy and gratitude on some hikes that I haven't had in some time. I've been fortunate to discover several new variegated plants on hikes that I've never seen before and hiked a few new trails as well, which are always a treat. Some days have been so clear and crisp, they've reminded me of mornings in the Rockies during the summer. We move on to May. Looking forward to seeing the mountain laurel blooms again, and hope to find a few more variegated plants...

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Leaves Out

Early saxifrage

Trailing Arbutus (Ground Laurel/Mayflower)

Little bluet

Trillium Sessile

Pitcher plant

Variegated Purple Deadnettle

Moss phlox

Carolina Wren and Paw Paw flowers


Potomac River

Golden ragwort

Leaves on trees are popping out, and so begins allergy season. There is already a thin coating of pollen on my car windshield in the morning. I've been trying to get out and hike as much as possible this spring, now its hard to get down the trail without sneezing, but that's ok. The forest changes quickly. Some flowers are already maxing out, and grass is growing quickly and tall along trails. I guess its already a good idea to do tick checks as well after hiking. I feel grateful for all of the color...

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Wildflower Prime Time

Praying Mantis cocoon


Carolina Wren


Spring beauties

Trout Lily

Lesser celandine in sawed off tree round

The invasive lesser celandine carpeting the floodplane


Fiddlehead ferns coming to life
We have entered wildflower prime time where local favorites like the trout lily and Virginia bluebells are in maximum expression. Everything in the forest right now looks fresh and brand new. I think April may be one of my favorite months of the year around here. Now is the time to go for a hike...