Monday, May 2, 2022

Bike/Camping Along Part of the C&O Towpath ~ Day 2 of 3

Had to stop and fix my front pannier rack which kept slipping when I'd hit a bump

Although I didn't need to use them, I was relieved to discover that the water pump handles at the hiker/biker campsites had been installed for the season just a few days prior.

Virginia bluebells were in peak bloom

Biking into White's Ferry

I stopped by the store for a morning Gatorade and snack.

Ferry still not in service due to a land dispute

Big snapping turtle waking up from a winter's nap

Big maple tree near Dickerson Conservation Park

Baby snapper on the towpath

Dickerson power plant

One of my favorite landmarks along the towpath: The Monacacy Aqueduct.

Point of Rocks

Camp for the night: Brunswick Family Campground

 My allergies were out of control the night before. So stuffed up, then my nose would run like a faucet, headache. Somehow, I managed to sleep through the night despite those issues. Woke up groggy, but ready for another day. Coffee would do me good. My allergies were probably due to the fact that the tree leaves were just starting to bud and I was camped in grass. Usually I have a couple bad days of allergies in the spring, and then I'm good to go for the rest of the spring/summer. In hindsight, this was the case once again.

The morning temperatures were perfect for riding, and once again, found myself really, really enjoying the morning bike ride. Before long, I was in White's Ferry and stopped for a short break and snack. Several other bikers were coming and going, as well as a few other visitors. North of White's Ferry felt like a dreamland, as Virginia Bluebells, in peak bloom, lined both sides of the towpath. It was a feast for the eyes, colors everywhere. I was fascinated how different it looked compared to the usual green tunnel in the summer. An older woman, a C&O towpath volunteer asked me where I camped the night before. She said it was the perfect time to see the bluebells along the river. I had to agree. Later, I saw a red tailed hawk swoop down and pick a snake out of the canal.

By the time I reached the Monocacy Aqueduct, it began to cloud up a bit, although temps were still warm. Eventually I arrived in Point of Rocks where I was hoping to buy a sub sandwich from the deli. I was sad to see that it was closed when I arrived. I'm not sure if it was closed for the day or permanently. Hard to tell these days. Instead, I ate a snack under a pavilion in town. My left knee started to hurt a little, which concerned me a bit. I've had two knee surgeries on it a long time ago. My knee never really gave me any issue on all of the hikes I have done. But it was definitely hurting and feeling tender from riding the bike. I had to push on 5 more miles to get to the Brunswick Family Campground for the night, and just tried not to put too much pressure on it.

Just as it began to rain a little, I reached the campground in Brunswick and scored a campsite in the field. There were only a few other campers there for the night, so it made for a really peaceful evening. I've always liked the campground, despite the train noises. It adds to the experience in my opinion. I was treated to a really nice sunset in the evening. Another great day overall...