Saturday, March 12, 2022

Winter's Last Hurrah

Potomac River

Saw this fox hunting frogs

First of the Virginia Bluebells

Winter's Last Hurrah today

 Today, hopefully, is winter's last hurrah. Its currently snowing as I type this and the wind is howling outside my window. Yesterday was in the 60's. Monday will return to the 60's and warmer weather appears to be staying all next week. Masks have become optional and are coming off in local schools for the first time in two years. Spring will be here, and the woods will be coming back to life. Early wildflowers are already on the scene although covered with snow, at least for today. The light is becoming brighter by the day. Birds are getting louder in the mornings when I wake up for work. I hope to get more hikes in after work as daylight savings time returns tomorrow.