Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mt. Baldy 10,064 ft.

I hiked Mt. Baldy today, the highest peak in the San Gabriels. It's described as a "must do" for anyone living in Southern California.

Today's hike can best be compared to trying to have a conversation with someone who is just not interested. First of all, it was much colder than I thought possible judging by the weather outside my apartment.

Second, there was a thick cloud cover most of the day that obstructed most of the views.

Third, there were forest fires still burning not too far from the trail (fourth photo).

Fourth, it was so freakin' windy (wind is probably my least favorite weather element) that my face and lips were completely chapped within the first half hour.

Despite Mt. Baldy's unfriendly demeanor, I continued my attempts at conversation until I reached the summit. She was so annoyed with me at this point, she seemed to scream in my face, "Leave me alone!!!"

The winds at the summit were probably at least 60mph. Thankfully, there were rock walls constructed where hikers could hide from the hurricane force winds. I ducked behind one and only managed to get a couple of summit photos. In fact, I can barely remember being up there at all. Finally, I got the hint and began my long descent back to my car.

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