Saturday, October 3, 2009


Water: The lifeblood of the Sierra. Water was everywhere along the JMT. Cascading down the sides of large granite cliffs in majestic waterfalls, quietly meandering through alpine meadows bursting with vitality, flowing from ice cold glacial pools, tumbling down rivers through the high country, through the glacier carved valleys, on its way to the lowlands.

Fresh water seems to energize the soul. Not just the refreshing replenishment of a dehydrated physical body, but water also helps rejuvenate the spirit as well.

Water can be a feast for the senses. The exhilaration of a cold glacial bath, the soothing water music of a waterfall splashing amongst the rocks, the reflection of the high Sierra sun beams scattered in thousands of directions off an alpine tarn, the earthy smell of moist plants and soil dampened by a passing stream, and the delicious taste of clean, mountain spring water recharging a hot and tired hiker's body.

How blessed are we, who can experience such an over-abundance of life giving nourishment! How easily can we take for granted one of life's most basic gifts, and treat it like some indispensable resource!

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  1. Out here in Maryland, I'm used to more trash in my water and less drinkability. Mark, you need start reading John Muir if you haven't already.