Friday, October 22, 2010

Back in Idyllwild

I'm back in the town of Idyllwild, the place where this long journey began five months ago, preparing to leave tomorrow for the last 175 miles south to Campo. I'm slightly perplexed about how excited I feel to be heading back into the mountains and begin hiking once again. Wasn't five months enough already? Three days in San Diego was enough to realize that I'm not all that excited to return back to the civilized life. Unfortunately, every time has its season, and this adventure will be coming to a close real soon. Until then, happy trails!



  1. Can well imagine you don't want to leave the trail life. Maybe not the 25+ a day trail life, but the wilderness none the less. You are most welcome to come hang in Mammoth for awhile if you'd like.

  2. See you back in a couple of weeks, I guess. :D

    I'm sure you've got a pretty odd transition as you wrap up your PCT adventure. There's so much planning and anticipation, then the doing, then what?

    On a much smaller scale, that's what I'm going through as I near my 100th hike of year.

  3. Hey Flyboxer, congradulations on making it to Canada! I tried really hard to catch you before the border(so did Black Gum), but we just weren't fast enough.

    I'm impressed that you went back to Idyllwild to finish up, I know that must be hard, but I'm sure you'll be glad that you did it in the end.

    Being back in Civilization is definitely bittersweet. Drop me a line when you finnish. Peace, AnswerMan.