Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Short Hiatus in San Diego

Well, my PCT journey is not quite over yet. I've decided to finish the 170 miles of trail that I missed in the beginning, Campo to Idyllwild. Why, you may ask? Well, I've heard many horror stories of hikers who attempted a thru hike, were unable to finish for one reason or another, and something in their head told them to hike it all over again. One hiker I met had finished over 2500 miles of the trail, but was snowed out at the end a couple of years ago. Instead of finishing the small section that was left, something inside told him to hike the whole thing all over again! I can't let that happen!

Most likely I will hit the trail this weekend and hike from north to south. In the mean time, getting some R&R in rainy San Diego feels quite nice today...


  1. It must seem weird not walking 15-25 miles a day any more!

    Crazy weather down here. Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. Not heavy, but enough to discourage the casual hiker (me) from venturing into the mountains.

  2. Hey SkyHiker!
    Yep, it does feel a little strange, my body still feels quite worn out. I'm hoping the rain will at least slightly replenish some of the desert water sources if it is in fact reaching those areas. Looks like I will be heading out this weekend...