Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little River

I received a tip of a nice hiking trail near the small coastal town of Little River. Last week, I found it and was not disappointed.

There has been interesting weather on the coast lately. A thick marine layer has been covering most of it throughout the day, creating weather that appears just as cold, gloomy, and stormy as anything I've seen in the winter.

The fog completely disappears a mile or less inland, where blue skies and warm temperatures prevail. The trail was located in Van Damme State Park and was a peaceful three and a half mile loop through Redwood forest.

There is a slight elevation gain and loss, but nothing too strenuous. It's a really nice place to just walk and become lost in thought.

After finishing my hike, I drove back a mile or so to the coast where I was greeted with lingering fog.

In some places, the fog cleared just enough to see the ocean. In other places, it was so thick, there was nothing to see.

Summer is quickly passing by...

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