Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Week to go Before Tahoe

So I've been doing some research here and there and have been trying to hike at least an hour a day after or before work. I really wish I was in thru-hiking shape because it would make planning that much easier. Unfortunately, I am not, far from it, so I have to make the best guess as to how far I will be able to walk on a given day. That being said, the Tahoe Rim Trail seems fairly simple logistically. The main decision seems to be the best place to start, as there are several options, and the trail is a giant loop. As of now, I am choosing to start in Tahoe Meadows, and will hike counter clockwise. The guidebook is written for those hiking clockwise, but I want to hike southbound on the PCT to see it from a different point of view.

Most likely, I will resupply in Tahoe City (on trail), and will probably hitch into South Lake Tahoe for the second resupply. Water will probably be an issue, so I will have to be careful when and where to fill up. There is a rhythm to hiking longer distances and I'm not sure I will be able to establish a good one in the time this trail takes, so hopefully I can limit the mistakes I will surely make.

Anyhow, I will probably post a couple more times before leaving for the Sierra next Wednesday, and will show some of the gear I will bring.


  1. Can't wait! I should make a gear list in prep for the hurricane this weekend. If the latest track is right, we'll be just off the eye as it passes through DE still at hurricane strength. Crazy. I'd rather be planning a hike around a lake, than how to make it through a hurricane! Good luck!

  2. Holy cow Michael, I didn't realize it was heading your way.