Thursday, December 29, 2011

Avenue of the Giants

(Eel River above)
After driving up to Prairie Creek Redwoods under blue skies, I returned home under a more common Northern California winter scene. Clouds, fog, and rain. I wanted to see the Dyerville Giant, a massive tree that fell in 1991. I heard it was in the Founder's Grove, a very popular spot in the park that I have skipped for some reason the last couple of times I've been here.

(Founder's Tree above)

Before reaching the fallen Dyerville Giant, the trail immediately visits the Founders Tree measuring in at 346 feet.

( Founder's Tree with scuff marks above)

It looked like a redwood tree had fallen quite recently, hit the Founder's Tree on it's way down, smashed part of the fence, and now lies to the left. When this happened, I don't know. The fence has been repaired, but the fall looked recent looking at the debris. I wonder if the Founder's Trees roots were damaged in the fall?

(Fallen giant next to the Founder's Tree above)

(Dyerville Giant above)

Eventually, the trail led to the Dyerville Giant. 20 years since it has fallen, it now is beginning to decay, ferns grow along it's now upward side, and a new redwood tree is growing off the top of it's roots!

(Dyerville Giant above)

(Dyerville Giant above)

After spending time in the Founder's Grove, it began to grow dark and I hit the road for home. This particular road trip had come to an end.

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