Sunday, February 12, 2012

Exploring Montgomery Woods

 I went on another bushwhack in Montgomery Woods yesterday to get a better feel for the overall area. I had two goals in mind: To find my camera tripod that I had lost three weeks ago, and to perhaps locate a Montgomery Woods albino. There is no information that I am aware of that indicates any albinos growing in this grove.
 Thankfully, I located my tripod right away. It was right where I had hoped it would be. The last few weeks I had been using a modified tripod: A water bottle with a glob of play-doh on top. It actually has worked great. However, I was glad to find my tripod that can actually screw onto my camera, a Christmas gift from my sister a few years ago.
 The bushwhack was pretty exhausting. I decided to head up the mountainside following a small creek or spring. I did manage to locate a pretty cool spot, about half way up the mountain. There was a small fire ring there, and some pretty huge trees near a couple of small waterfalls. I doubt many people go there, glad to know it exists.
 I spent several hours working my way up the mountain. The redwoods were becoming smaller the higher I climbed. Every now and then, I would see a massive giant, but nothing as large as the collection of trees in the main grove down below.
 As I reached the ridge line, I was pretty excited to see what kind of view I would find. To my disappointment, I reached a fence and someones property at the top of the mountain. I decided to head down.
 It was pretty cool making my descent, because the redwoods were growing larger and larger the closer I got to the bottom. By now I was dreadfully thirsty. Couldn't help but notice how the small things in the forest give me a lot of joy right now. Damp dead fall, pine cones, moss, just to name a few.
 Even though I knew what to expect when I reached the valley floor, I was still in awe when I reached the bottom, and the grove completely opens up and enormous trees abound. Absolutely spectacular.
I measured the circumferences of a couple trees I had not noticed before. Some incredible giants living here. I did not find any albinos, but can't help think there might be one here. So now the hunt begins for the "ghost of Montgomery..."


  1. Glad you found your tripod.

    I'll take a wild guess and assume that's a banana slug? Looks big and banana-like to me, anyway!

  2. Ill be in Montgomery woos on the 29th, cant wait, it will be my first time in the redwoods.