Saturday, February 11, 2012

Navarro Titan

While driving home from work last week, I was driving through the redwoods along the Navarro on the 128, (mostly 2nd or 3rd generation trees I'm guessing), and just happened to catch a glimpse of a hunkering giant near Flynn Creek Road. I had to make it to my next appointment on time so I did not have a chance to stop and examine it. Yesterday morning, I had to stop and take a look. Just 20 feet off the road is this hidden old growth titan, the largest tree I have seen in this area. Redwood trees seem to have this indescribable will to live. The tree wasn't that tall, in fact it looked like the top was completely dead, but it still had several live branches shooting out. This is an ancient tree. I don't know why the loggers didn't cut it down.
The place where this tree was growing was perfect redwood habitat. A small creek was flowing nearby. There were many huge stumps nearby. I'm guessing this was once a grove of massive redwoods before the trees fell to the logger's axe. Still, I can't contain my disappointment when I see these stumps remaining in the earth, marking the spot where a titan once stood, now appearing as  mossy tombstones. Next week, I hope to get a measurement of this old giant. I'm guessing it will have a circumference over 40 feet.

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