Sunday, January 20, 2013

Humboldt Redwoods State Park: Part 1

45 ft cbh
I went to Humboldt Redwoods State Park yesterday to resume searching for redwoods with a circumference at breast height of over 40 feet in this one particular section of forest. I thought the search would be coming near an end, but there were so many enormous trees in this spot that I spent the entire day without walking more than a quarter mile.
40 feet, 4 1/2 in. cbh
42 feet, 10 in cbh
40 feet, 5 in cbh
What made the day even more special is that this area is located across the creek where I usually camp. For an entire year, I've been wondering what the forest looked like over there. Well, now I can say that it holds what I think may be the most 40 foot circumference trees in the smallest amount of space that I have seen so far.
52 feet cbh. Any tree over the 50 foot range seems to be very rare here.
42 feet, 6 in cbh (double stem)
When I arrived at the park Saturday morning, the last of the morning's fog was just starting to burn off. The forest was cold, and I had to cross the icy cold creek in my crocks. I didn't see anyone all day.
40 feet, 12 in cbh (double stem)
enormous base and roots of fallen redwood
My focus was mostly on the trees, so I didn't really see much else. It appeared that there were less mushrooms than when I visited at the end of November last year. I didn't see any wildlife, amphibians, or fish either.
43 feet, 1 in cbh
46 feet, 2 in cbh
After about five hours of searching, I measured 17 trees with a cbh greater than 40 feet. I still hope to finish the overall search before leaving for the Continental Divide in June. Looks like it will be at least three more trips.


  1. Haha, awesome article Skyhiker! Thankfully, I'm on the side of the crow!

  2. I remembered your affinity for crows, which is why I posted it on your blog! They are scary smart.

  3. I could easily see myself living in the hollowed tree lol

  4. CJ, there was an enormous stump I found on a hillside in Montgomery Woods that someone had been living in at one point. It actually looked pretty cozy on the inside. None of my pictures turned out so I didn't bother posting anything about it. Maybe I'll have to find it again and show you what it looked like. It was probably really peaceful...