Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Redwood Forest

 I drove to a Redwood grove in Northern California over the weekend. It's been really cold here the last week or so. The grove was like an ice box. I walked pretty much all day which felt good.
 The highlight of the day for me was walking outside of the park into what I assume was private property and then back into the park along the river bank. Once I was on private property, all the old redwoods had been cut down and spindly second or third generation trees were making a comeback.
 The river grabbed my attention, it was an absolutely beautiful turquoise blue and moving along nicely. I swear I could hear the landscape and everything in it collectively exclaim, "We want to live!!!!"
Old Douglas Fir Giant
Walking through the logged forest, past the park boundary, into old growth allowed me to imagine time travel. How incredible it would be if several hundred years in the future we have found a way to balance our appetite to consume, as well as provide space for all other forms of life to live and reach full expression.

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