Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Continental Divide Trail: 3 Months to Go!

Jonathan Ley maps printed and ready to go
 It's time to get my eyes back on the prize. Just about three months to go before beginning the Continental Divide Trail, God willing. Spring is on the doorstep here in Northern California. Along with the longer days, blossoming flowers, and warmer temperatures, spring fever is creeping in. That means, time to hike!
Spring is on the doorstep
"Shit just got real," or so the saying goes, when Jonathan Ley's maps arrived in the mail last week. Many, or most of us hiking the CDT this year have joined the Continental Divide Trail 2013 Facebook page, which has been a great way to talk, and share info about the trail, probably more so than the current CDT list serve. One hiker, named Peru, organized a Jonathn Ley map print group. Many of us were able to get our maps this way, stress free, on time, and looking great.
ULA Catalyst Backpack
I also ordered a new ULA Catalyst backpack for the hike which arrived a few weeks ago. This pack is about 6 pounds lighter than the pack I used on the PCT. I'm sure I will miss the bomb proof and spacious pack I've been using all this time, but to shed 6 pounds is going to feel great. Also, I ordered some bug netting for my tarp. I'm going to go with the Gossamer Gear Spinn Twinn once again for this hike. A tarp tent would have been nice, but I think I'm going to have to hold on to the extra money for now. I don't mind, I feel wilder under a tarp anyhow.
Shoes for the trail
New Balance Trail runners also arrived in the mail a few weeks ago that I ordered online for the hike. There is still a lot to do in the coming months, but I'm feeling pretty good overall. I will step up the map study this next month and start developing a resupply plan. There will be lots of odds and ends to do as well, once departure time draws nearer.


  1. Keep us posted on prep. I'm always fascinated by the planning/logistics/gear involved!