Sunday, February 17, 2013

Humboldt Redwoods State Park Feb 16, 2013

Double tree on left: 38 feet 7 in cbh/Tree on right: 39 feet, 3 in cbh

Douglas Fir 19 feet, 2 in cbh
46 feet, 9 in cbh (Double stem)
38 feet, 11 in cbh
48 feet, 1 in cbh (Double stem)
40 feet, 5 in cbh
41 feet, 2 in cbh
48 feet, 4 in cbh
40 feet, 9 in cbh
45 feet, 8 in cbh
45 feet, 6 in cbh
44 feet, 3 in cbh (Double Stem)
42 feet, 4 in cbh
40 feet, 11 in cbh
I drove up to Humboldt Redwoods State Park on Saturday to do some more redwood tree hunting. I picked up where I left off last time, hoping to find the 40 foot circumference titans in the forest. Once again, I spent the whole day in one particular spot, rich with big trees. I was hoping to progress down the river, but probably covered no more than half a mile. I heard the whistle of the varied thrush while I was eating lunch. Didn't see a single person all day. The trail here was overgrown and looked like it doesn't get much use. Still blows me away that I can be in such a grand area and not see anyone. The rain seems to have stopped so far in 2013, after a very wet fall. The forest appeared to be drying up a bit as well. The wind started to pick up in the afternoon, and debris began falling out of the trees. Mostly the trees closest to the creek received the brunt  of the wind.

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