Wednesday, April 17, 2013

CDT Prep: April 17, 2013

My GPS is just about programmed and ready. It's been an exhausting couple of weekends working on it. I still have a little left to do and hope to finish that project this weekend. I followed the advice from fellow CDT hiker Erin "Wired" who has an excellent GPS tutorial on her blog "Walking with Wired." I followed her hike of the PCT in 2011. If anyone is interested in the CDT, I'd recommend following her blog this year. I was amazed how up to date she kept her PCT website, despite hiking all day. Great photos, stories and videos. I expect she will do the same as she attempts a Northbound hike of the CDT this year.

I also finished tracing the Jonathan Ley routes onto the Delorme pages a couple weeks ago. Feels good to check things off the list. Taxes are done, sent them in Monday. Sunday night, I was having dreams about programming the GPS. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about what still needs to be done. Since I could not sleep, I made two more "to do" lists. After working on that for about 15 minutes, I fell right back to sleep. Many Northbounders are hitting the trail this week, and several are out there as I write this. There are close to 100 Northbounders attempting a thru hike of the CDT this year. That may be a record. As far as I know, there are about 20 of us attempting a southbound hike. I will admit, I envy the possibility of a trail community developing for the Northbounders. Maybe those of us heading South will get together from time to time, but a complete solo experience needs to be prepared for as well. That scares the hell out of me to be honest...


  1. Make sure you check in from time to time. You should have some pre-planned windows you intend to call in so we know you are safe, in case you end up spending a lot of time alone. That way, we'll be able to approximate where you are in case something happens.

  2. Thanks Michael, I will have a better feel for that once I figure out my resupply situation in the next few weeks.

  3. hey mark,

    i'm also starting the CDT sobo on june 15th. of course, i'm also nervous about a potential solo journey. like you say it seems best to attempt to prepare yourself for that before starting.

    either way it seems like i will definitely see you out there. i've been enjoying your blog's content.

  4. Thanks Will, hope to see you out there...

  5. I'm not sure if you have made any plans to start off with any other SOBOs or even have any interest in doing so - but I figured I'd throw an invitation your way. A friend and I are planning on starting at chief mtn on the 15th, if you would like to share a permit for site availability/fun/bear safety etc let me know.

    email is: willgovus @ gmail
    blog here: