Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Montgomery Woods 4-29-13

This tree looked like it had been struck by lightning
 I took a quick walk in Montgomery Woods yesterday after work. It was very warm in the grove yesterday, and windy. Had to watch my head a few times as I heard branches falling from 300 feet above. I only saw three other people, hiking in a group with their dog.
 I heard what sounded like two barred owls communicating, although I couldn't pin point their location. Their hoots took me off trail, and I found myself walking in a now dry stream bed, which gave me a fresh perspective on some of the trees I know pretty well now. The grove is drying out and mosquitoes are hatching. I did not see any newts walking around yesterday, although I spent most of my time looking up into the canopy.
Came across this red frog in one of the shallow stream beds. Hard to believe the rainy season may already be over and summer like temperatures have arrived. Another season has passed.
Water levels are receding once again as summer approaches
Can't believe tomorrow is the first of May. I will have to start hiking more often to get my legs ready for the CDT...


  1. Love that last shot, with the deciduous tree, and the one before, with the frog.

  2. Thanks Skyhiker, hope you are doing well...