Saturday, August 10, 2013

CDT Photos - Montana, pt. 5


  1. Great Big Sky. :D It's so jarring, because I keep seeing pictures from folks hiking in Yosemite, and there is not a speck of snow to be found in their pictures. Here, it looks like it's still early spring!

  2. Skyhiker, these were taken back in June, most of the snow I'm sure is gone by now. Did you see the Perseid meteor shower this year? I tried to stay awake a few nights to watch but fell asleep...

  3. I didn't make a specific trip to see the Perseids. It's been a really busy last month, and won't slow down until probably June. Part of me is still trying to make up for the lost years when I was not working, but I am a little worried about burn out.

    I did an astronomy outreach even in San Dimas on August 9. Without specifically trying (and definitely not being at a super dark location), I saw a couple of nice meteors, although most of my time was looking through an eyepiece at things much further away than meteors.

    I hope you've been enjoying the rise of Venus, getting a little bit higher every evening in the west, after sunset.