Friday, August 9, 2013

Leadore Montana to West Yellowstone: CDT 2013

I only have a few minutes to type at the West Yellowstone Library. It's been another memorable week and a half on the trail. The CDT is really growing on me lately. It's personality reminds me of a brilliant, yet disorganized artist. I imagine walking into the artist's home; There are papers and boxes scattered about, tables and furniture covered with items. The artist tells you he wants to show you something. You wait in anticipation. The artist begins scrambling through the mess. Sometimes it may take a couple hours. Sometimes half a day. Maybe even a day or two. All of a sudden, the artist pulls out a painting, a poem, or a song that he's been looking for and says "Hey, check this out!" All you can do is stand there with mouth agape in awed silence, or exclaim "Holy shit, that's awesome!"

Such is life on the CDT. I've really enjoyed Southern Montana/Idaho. Tomorrow or the next day I will walk into Wyoming, into Yellowstone. What lies ahead, I can only guess. My time on the computer is just about up. Trail life is good, I'm looking forward to new horizons...



  1. Congratulations on completing Montana & Idaho, Flyboxer. Keep hiking!

    Wide Angle