Monday, January 20, 2014

HRSP January, 2014

cbh: 47 feet 9 in
cbh: 40 feet, 11 in

Small old growth redwood grove located outside of Benbow
Rockefeller Tree, 16th tallest at 366 feet, 5 in.
Here's a few photos from this past week in HRSP. I was able to stop by a couple of times before work and visited and explored a bit on Saturday as well. The top two trees are the ones I photographed a couple of posts ago. On Saturday, I wanted to visit the Rockefeller Tree. I had been wondering about this tree the last couple of years, and couldn't figure out why I couldn't find it since I'm pretty sure I've visited every large tree that exists in this particular area. I thought maybe I had a picture of it, but just couldn't find the match. As it turns out, I had walked right past it several times and didn't even know it! That's what can happen in this awesome forest of ours. Again, no rain to be seen anywhere this week...

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