Friday, January 24, 2014

John B Dewitt Redwoods State Reserve/Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

50 feet, 7 in cbh (John B Dewitt RSR)
 Here's a few photos from this week's redwood adventures. I decided to check out the John B Dewitt redwood grove just outside of Redway after work on Tuesday. I got there just as the sun was setting and was surprised to see two very large redwoods growing there. The grove is very small. It's hard to believe that even in such a small grove, enormous trees still exist. It blows my mind to think that these forests and trees covered much of the northern California coast not too long ago and that the surrounding area has been completely logged.
47 feet, 5 in cbh (John B Dewitt RSR)
 I drove up to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park on Wednesday to check out the area a little more. Driving in a vehicle from town into the heart of the forest makes the contrast almost overwhelming. It is another world. I didn't really have a plan, just decided to wander around a bit.

46 feet, 11 in cbh
An interesting looking redwood that appears to be growing on a giant burl
Cathedral redwoods: I'm in there somewhere
Massive sitka spruce: cbh 26 feet, 11 in.

Another goliath of the forest. Cbh 60 feet, 10 in!
Corkscrew Redwood Tree

Looking forward to many more days exploring this place...


  1. Love that fourth shot, with the water and trees along the ridge. The format of your photos looks generally different. Did you finally get yourself a DSLR?

  2. No DSLR yet, that is the next purchase when I save enough. The landscape deserves it. It's probably the editing I'm using that makes it look different.