Monday, February 24, 2014

Prairie Creek: February 23, 2014

Another giant along the trail. This tree had a huge hole right in the middle going all the way through. I can't imagine the stress the bottom half of the tree is experiencing. I would guess it will cave in on itself at some point.
One of the largest redwoods I have ever seen. I'm guessing a circumference anywhere between 50 and 65 feet. As curious as I was to know, it appeared that attempting a tape wrap would damage too many plants growing at the base.

Another monster growing along the trail. This tree had a serious lean.

Flying buttress 
Drove up to Prairie Creek yesterday. Getting a little more acquainted with the forest. I'm wondering how much of this park has actually been explored. It seems almost impossible to travel off trail here, and I'm scared to death to try to venture out of eye sight of it. It's truly an incredible place, the natural beauty is absolutely overwhelming.

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