Sunday, April 6, 2014

One of the World's Largest and Highest Albino Redwoods Currently Known

World's highest and possibly largest redwood albino

I've been talking with Zane Moore the last couple of weeks about redwood albinos. Zane is currently studying botany and albinism in redwoods and is doing great work learning, teaching, and understanding what is actually going on with these redwood anomalies. He is also leading the charge with arborist Tom Stapleton creating awareness and hopefully a successful campaign to save the rare Cotati albino redwood tree. Talking with Zane, my eyes have really been opened as far as where and how these albinos grow.

With his help, I was able to re-locate and photograph, and now share what may be the world's highest, and possibly largest redwood albino currently known to exist. It is growing over 200 feet off the ground and looks like a yellow fire ball from below. It is spectacular! For those of you who enjoy walking through the redwoods, keep your eyes peeled. There may be other albinos growing in the canopy, often white or yellowish.

Here is some more fascinating information about redwood albinos from Zane, a paper he has written called Redwood Albinism and Mosaicism. 

Hopefully there will be more exciting information and discoveries emerging from the forest on this particular front...

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