Monday, April 14, 2014

Redwood National Park

Redwood Creek
Tall, tall trees
Mature Redwoods can have several different looks to them


Redwood Creek. Summer was in the air...

Another large giant growing on a dry hillside. Very statuesque tree.
Drove up to Redwood National Park yesterday and did some hiking. I was able to identify a few more trees I've wondered about for some time. I really liked this particular area. It reminded me of Hendy Woods in Mendocino, a drier, warmer redwood grove. Eating lunch along Redwood Creek in the warm sun was a real treat. Once again, I can't imagine how majestic this entire area must have been pre-logging. I'm almost certain I saw a mountain lion near the Redwood Creek Giant. He walked off into the forest before I could really make a positive ID.

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