Sunday, September 28, 2014

Prairie Creek State Park

Prairie Creek State Park near Visitor's Center. Cars and telephone pole for scale.

One of my favorite trees in the park. Beautiful canopy structure. This tree can be seen along other trails and always catches my eye.
Another awesome canopy structure. A sea of branches.

Freshwater Lagoon on left, Pacific Ocean on right.
Drove up to Prairie Creek State Park in an attempt to simply enjoy a redwood hike. Only was lured off trail a couple times to visit big trees deep in the forest, but it was enough to wear me out. So much for simple enjoyment. Forest was filled with bright sunshine yesterday. I forgot just how much water collects on the ferns, as I received a good, good soaking from the two bushwhacks from this past week's rain. Saw quite a few hikers on the trails yesterday, more than usual. One hiker I talked to mentioned a group of hikers getting cornered by a bull elk recently and having to be rescued. Mating season will commence shortly. Will have to keep an ear out for the mating calls...


  1. Ha! My fear every morning when I run pre-dawn with my headlamp through the park here is getting attacked by some territorial deer. All I can see are the reflections of their eyes. I was telling a co-worker today, my main fears running in the park: 1) wild animals, 2) stray dogs, 3) serial killers.

  2. Those glowing eyes can be kind of spooky