Friday, September 26, 2014

This Week in Humboldt Redwoods State Park: More Rain!

Ever wondered which tree is the tallest in the Children's Forest? Found this neat overlook off a trail that brings you eye level with the canopy. You can take a guess from this spot!
Good news. More rain fell from the sky this week, bringing much needed water to the region. The Eel River was noticeably higher on Thursday, and tributaries that were once dry are flowing again for now. I am hopeful for an exciting salmon run this season. The forest was very damp, and again the colors really came out as a result. Mushrooms should also be popping out of the ground soon.


  1. Heading up soon for a few days, seems the rain and cold are creeping in. Wanted to do some camping but may opt for Curly redwood due to conditions. Rain is needed, for sure.

  2. Sounds good Jay, not sure I'd want to camp in this rain either, although being in the forest this time of year (during the day!) is the best in my opinion...