Monday, November 10, 2014

Berry Glen Trail: Redwood National Park

Sunset over Prairie Creek
Morning fog and mist: Prairie Creek
Moon setting over Prairie Creek
Roosevelt Elk eating breakfast

I spent Saturday night in the Prairie Creek campground for the first time in 2 or three years. Last time I camped here was the first time I had ever visited the park, and I remember being completely overwhelmed. It's funny, now the groves are beginning to resemble familiar rooms of a giant house. My plan was to wake up early as possible to experience a Prairie Creek morning. It turned out to be a perfect experience, one that can only be described as "enchanting."

The weather remained that way the whole time I was in the park. After wandering around a bit in the morning, I decided to hike the Berry Glen Trail, one I have not done before. It basically begins in the Elk Meadow Parking lot and heads all the way up to Lady Bird Johnson Grove. It was uphill the entire way, but not overly strenuous. I love seeing the higher elevation redwoods. Most of the hike was shrouded in fog which enhanced the experience. Again, just like every other trail in the park, there are some awesome trees to see...


  1. Well, as I begin tackling the bucket list I have to make hard choices. 2015 will be the year of Glacier National Park. That's the only western trip we'll be able to afford. So the redwoods will have to wait until 2016. In 2017 I retire and can head west whenever I like for long periods of time with my tiny travel trailer. But I want to see the big trees before that.

    Any advice on groves to see (especially off trail) would be appreciated.

  2. JRS, I'll send you an email through NTS

  3. Cool pics, last trip was early Nov, really enjoyed the overcast conditions as well. Parkway was closed, though, not sure why, did the PC trail from visitors center in the light rain. Didn't see another person. Great time of yr. Did a G.O.T. hike too :)

  4. Nice Jay, I agree, a great time of year to be out there. Sounds like we were there the same day