Friday, November 14, 2014

Salmon/Keystone xl Pipeline

I wasn't going to bother with this post, but the timing is uncanny so here it is:

Yesterday before work I stopped by the South Fork of the Eel River in HRSP to look for any visible signs of salmon heading upstream, or spawning activity. The river was quiet and I did not see any fish. While staring into the river, I noticed a nice brand new Mercedes coming down the path and then eventually out onto the riverbank. I got a kick out of that. I nice dressed man stepped out, and also spent some time looking into the river and taking a few photos. It was just about time to head to work so I quietly began walking back to my car. The man saw me and called out "Hey, I didn't see you down here!" I walked over to him and we introduced ourselves. I mentioned to the man that I was looking for salmon but still couldn't see any. It seemed a couple years ago, there was a lot of salmon activity in the Eel around this time of year. The man sighed and said, "Maybe it's time Republicans start to listen, and I'm one of them!"

The man did not indicate who Republicans should listen to, but the thought did occur to me how beneficial it would be for anyone, regardless of their political suasion, to take some time to at least listen to what the forests, rivers, and the land seem to be saying. I had admiration for this man who seemed to be taking time to connect with his forest. Anyhow, it appears the Republican House has wasted no time approving the Keystone Pipeline today. I wonder what the land is saying?

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