Friday, April 17, 2015

Chandelier Tree

I payed a visit to the Chandelier Tree after work yesterday on an absolutely perfect, warm, cloudless afternoon. The tree is simply magnificent, and well worth the 5 dollars to enter the park. According to the website, the park has been owned and operated by the Underwood family since 1922. They have done a superb job taking care of the property, and the small redwood grove there. It felt really, really peaceful, and I enjoyed the human landscaping alongside the forest that still appeared in its natural state.

While photographing the tree, a woman I was standing next to was debating her friends. She was convinced that the Chandelier Tree was not a redwood. She kept saying that the tree did not look right. Well, it's definitely a redwood, and the tree sure has a unique look to it. Again, definitely worth paying a visit to see with your own eyes in my opinion.

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