Friday, April 10, 2015

Backpacking Redwood National Park

Redwood Creek
 I went backpacking over Easter weekend with trail friend "Moosie." She hiked the PCT and CDT the same years I did and is one of the members of the infamous Sobo Hobos. She has also hiked half of the AT as well. This was her first trip to the redwoods. The plan was to collaborate on some sort of art project, to use our experience in the redwoods to express some sort of visual artwork. There was plenty to be inspired by.
Moss and maples
We found this old chimney tree back in the forest
Looking up the chimney
 Our first day hiking was memorable. Permits were easy to come by and Redwood Creek was swift but fordable. We had to attempt twice as our first spot was a little too deep. Weather was good, and there was plenty to look at. I was blown away how much area remains to be explored. It was very exciting. A highlight for me was noticing cedar trees for the first time. This makes me want to look around the Northwest a bit more.
Cedar tree (grayish green foliage)
 We found a good spot to camp and firewood was easy to come by, and dry! After a delicious dinner, Moosie and I were treated to a magical moon show. The full moon slowly rose above the canopy, casting soft moon beams over the forest and through the creek canyon. Definitely memorable.
My tarp Easter morning looking downstream
Moosie's tarp looking upstream
 Rains came later that night. I was happy to know my tarp still does well in the rain, as long as I am careful. I woke up early Easter morning and was treated with one of my favorite forest views as soon as I opened my eyes. The redwood canopy draped in fog and mist. I took a few photos and then fell back into a deep sleep. Later in the morning, I heard Moosie calling me to wake up. We had a lull in the rainy weather, it was a good time to have breakfast and break camp. The rain held off just long enough to eat an enjoyable Easter breakfast. It was coming down pretty hard just before we hit the trail. The rest of the morning was cold and wet, but Moosie and I were treated with a feast of green color in the forest. Our plan was to hike all the way to the Tall Trees grove and then hike back and find another spot to camp. By noon, Moosie and I were both pretty darn cold and wet. After discussing our situation, we both decided it would be a good idea to just turn around and call it a day. It would leave us an extra day to work on some art anyhow, which I think was a good motivator. The rest of the afternoon, we were treated to rain showers, and short breaks of sunbeams, crystallizing everything in view. Pretty spectacular.

Moosie fording Redwood Creek
Just getting started...
Overall, it was another amazing trip for the memory bank. I can't wait for another chance to head back into this special place. I'm excitied to see what kind of art Moosie is able to create out of the experience as well...