Monday, March 30, 2015

3 Month Appalachian Trail Countdown

Signs of spring around town

Arcata Bottoms
If all goes as planned, I hope to be standing on top of Mt. Katahdin in Maine in about three months, and beginning a southbound hike of the A.T. Spring fever is raging within my being with a vengeance this year. Here in California, we've a great mix of sunny warm days and rainy days, so everything is green, wildflowers are blooming, sun is warm and intense, and I can't wait to get back on the trail. I think the hardest part about hiking a trail southbound is watching everyone else start their hikes right now, and having to patiently wait. I think the 3 extra months of income will help in the post trail transition. I feel myself "checking out" again, but know that I shouldn't until the time comes. I have made a list of things to do before departure time and posted it onto my wall (my real wall). Looks like I will have to purchase a few more gear items this year. Also excited about driving across the country once again back to Maryland where my parents live. I'd much rather spend a few days driving than fly...


  1. Mark, still hoping to meet you for a stretch on the trail later this year. Before you go, we'll have to chat about gearing up. Good luck prepping!

  2. awesome, sounds like fun.
    I tend to check out as hikes approach as well.
    I'm saving AT for when I move back to the south (assuming that happens at some point).
    I do want to do JMT while i'm here, though. That's a long hike, gotta find the time.

  3. Sounds awesome, Mark. Yinghai mentioned this will complete your triple crown? I'm considering a thru hike of the PCT in 2016. Would love to pick your brain.

  4. Max, feel free to message any time if you have any questions about the PCT