Monday, March 23, 2015

Redwood National Park and Stumps

Redwood National Park morning fog

Ancient Snag, yellow backpack for scale
Steel cables left behind
Massive stump
Big stump with springboard notches
Stump and cables

This stump almost looks like a fountain with green bubbling water.

Ancient canopy
Huge cave redwood, with filtered photo
Drove up to Redwood National Park yesterday on a perfect, rainy, misty day. I did a poor job staying dry, and was pretty much soaked and exhausted by the end of the day. I spent more time looking through some of the logged portions of the forest. I find these areas exciting because you never know what you will find back there. There always seems to be a few random giant trees left behind for some reason. It's also a way for me to wake up to the reality of what our civilization has, and continues to do to our forests.

On a side note, it appears many portions of California continue to suffer from major drought conditions. Here are photos of Half Dome taken this time of year over the last four years. Snow pack appears almost non existent in the Sierra right now. I'd have to say the northern redwood parks are doing much better in that regard, we seem to be getting a fair amount of rain this year...


  1. Beautiful. Have you been to the MacArthur flats? It used to be a premier growth location for redwood....

  2. Nice pics Mark, haven't done many stump hikes, pretty neat.. and tragic, more so

  3. Yinghai, I have not been to MacArthur Flats. I just did a quick search and noticed a trail called the Macarthur loop trail around the hills outside of Orick. I didn't know there were trails back there, might have to check it out one of these days...

    Jay, I would have to agree...